College Football Rivalry Week Ticket Stub Collection

Here’s a first take on a College Football Rivalry Week Ticket Stub Collection. Who did I miss? I’ll try and include it in an update later.

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Ranking the Top 25 Rivalries in College Football History

College Football Rivalry Week Ticket Stub Collection

For now, here’s a list of the tickets if you prefer text.

PAC 12 College Football Rivalry Week Ticket Stub Collection

Washington – Washington State (Apple Cup)

Oregon vs Oregon State (Civil War)

Arizona vs Arizona State (Duel in the Desert wherein the Territorial Cup is  at stake)

California vs Stanford (The Big Game)

USC vs UCLA (at stake: the Victory Bell)

Mountain West College Football Rivalries

San Jose State vs Fresno State (Valley Cup)

SEC College Football Rivalries

Auburn vs Alabama (Iron Bowl)

Florida vs Georgia (World’s Largest Cocktail Party)

Clemson vs South Carolina

Georgia vs Auburn

Tennessee vs Alabama

Alabama vs LSU

Mississippi State vs Ole Miss

Big 10 College Football Rivalries

Michigan vs Ohio State

Michigan vs Michigan State

Minnesota vs Wisconsin (at stake: Paul Bunyan Axe)

Purdue vs Indiana (at stake: Old Oaken Bucket)

Minnesota vs Michigan (at stake: Little Brown Jug)

ACC College Football Rivalries

Boston College vs Syracuse

Pittsburgh vs West Virginia (Backyard Brawl)

Wake Forest vs NC State

Florida State vs Miami

Big 12 College Football Rivalries

Oklahoma vs Texas (Red River Rivalry)

Texas vs Texas A & M

Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State (Bedlam Series)

Kansas vs Missouri (Border War)

MAC College Football Rivalries

Akron vs Kent State (Wagon Wheel)

Toledo vs Bowling Green (at stake: Peace Pipe)

Ball State vs Indiana State (Blue Key Victory Bowl)

IVY College Football Rivalries

Harvard vs Yale

Non-Conference College Football Rivalries

USC vs Notre Dame

Iowa vs Iowa State

Cincinnati vs Miami of Ohio (at stake: the Victory Bell)

New Mexico vs New Mexico State (Rio Grande rivalry)

BYU vs Utah (Holy War)

Florida vs Florida State

Army vs Navy

Georgia vs Georgia Tech