Top 10 Best Designed Super Bowl ticket stubs

A few thoughts on Super Bowl ticket stubs

The Vince Lombardi Trophy has been a mainstay element on Super Bowl ticket stubs since the 1969 game. Gradually, it became the central theme, dominating each ticket design since 2005. This has led to overly corporate design in comparison with the first several years. Yes there’s a nostalgia factor in favoring the 60’s and 70’s fonts and layouts, but they were forward thinking, even bold designs. The last several years have been increasingly safe and thus lacking in creativity.

Odds and Ends

After 1973, Super Bowl ticket stubs featured scenes from the host city. The first, played in Houston’s Rice Stadium, had subtle accents of bronco riders and cowboys.

Just 3 Super Bowl ticket stub designs are laid out horizontally: 1970, 1971 and 1985.

1970 marked the first year the trophy was named after Vince Lombardi. Previously it went by the smooth moniker World Championship Game Trophy.

Top 10 Best Designed Super Bowl ticket stubs

1968 Super Bowl Packers vs Raiders

Top 10 Best Designed Super Bowl ticket stubs

1971 Super Bowl Colts vs Cowboys

2016 Super Bowl Panthers vs Broncos

1967 Super Bowl Chiefs vs Packers

1977 Super Bowl Oakland vs Minnesota

1973 Super Bowl Dolphins vs Redskins

1979 Super Bowl Steelers vs Cowboys

1984 Super Bowl Raiders vs Redskins

2007 Super Bowl Colts vs Bears

1985 Super Bowl 49ers vs Dolphins


1985 Super Bowl XIX ticket stub 49ers vs Dolphins