Top 10 Super Bowl Games and their Ticket Stubs

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I’ll be honest right up front and say I couldn’t rank the Top 10 Super Bowl games on my own. But I do love Super Bowl ticket stubs.  Thus, I outsourced the creation of the Top 10 games by cataloging 5 sources of Top 10 Super Bowl lists, then averaging the scores. I came up with the following list. Click through for the ticket stubs, but here are the games:

2002 Super Bowl XXXVI Patriots 20 Rams 17

2016 Super Bowl L Broncos 24 Panthers 10

1969 Super Bowl III Jets 16 Colts 7

2000 Super Bowl XXXIV Rams 23 Titans 16

1979 Super Bowl XIII Steelers 35 Cowboys 31

2015 Super Bowl XLIX Patriots 28 Seahawks 24

1991 Super Bowl XXV Giants 20 Bills 19

2017 Super Bowl LI Patriots 34 Falcons 28

1989 Super Bowl XXIII 49ers 20 Bengals 16

2008 Super Bowl XLII Giants 17 Patriots 14


Top 10 Super Bowl Games and their Ticket Stubs

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