1970 California Angels ticket stub vs Milwaukee Brewers

Winning eBay bid: $20.50
Unique 1970 Angels ticket stub vs Brewers from a June 21 game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the California Angels at Anaheim Stadium.  The Angels won 6-5 in 10 innings, as Jim Fregosi hit career home run number 100.
What’s interesting about this stub is that it shows the Angels’ opponent being the Seattle Pilots (the predecessor organization of the Brewers).  By the end of the previous season, the Pilots only season in existence, the organization was on its last legs financially, and the offseason was filled with failed attempts to sell and relocate the team.  The team actually reported to Spring Training in 1970 as the Seattle Pilots, but on April 1, ten days before the season was scheduled to start, a judge declared the team bankrupt, which allowed them to move to Milwaukee. 
All of this took place so late in the spring that the team didn’t even have time to get new uniforms (they removed the Pilots’ name and logo and added the Brewers), and clearly the Angels also didn’t have time (or didn’t want to go to the expense) to reprint all of the tickets that showed the Pilots.
1970 California Angels ticket stub vs Milwaukee Brewers
1970 Milwaukee Brewers Seattle Pilots vs California Angels Ticket Stub 20.50