Michael Jackson ticket stub Prague 1996

I lived in Prague in 1996 and Michael Jackson’s History Tour was playing in town. So yes this Michael Jackson ticket stub Prague 1996 is mine.

MJ was staying in the InterContinental Hotel, and security was present everywhere. Thousands of fans camped out on the plaza in front of the InterContinental, and it was bedlam.

As it happens I had a friend who lived at the hotel. He called me up and said to get over there to see. So he calls my name to the front desk and entry was easy. As I walked to the bank of elevators, there was Michael Jackson, in mask, surrounded by handlers. I didn’t linger because that felt dumb, plus he was so quiet and peaceful.

Anyway, back to my friend. His room was about half way up the hotel’s 12 stories and – importantly – facing the plaza below. When I got up there the curtains were partially drawn and of course I had to look. Not sure what I was thinking, but I opened the window and stuck out my hand and waved in a long, slow manner. The crowd went nuts.

The next night was the concert, when I could final use my Michael Jackson ticket stub Prague 1996. It was a total spectacle. Simply enormous. I don’t remember the music coming across in any touch way, and everything was so over – produced I left with a shrug when it was all done.

Michael Jackson ticket stub Prague 1996

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Michael Jackson in Prague 1996 stub