An Open Letter to the Ticket Stub Collecting Community

An Open Letter to the Ticket Stub Collecting Community

Since 2009 I’ve been helming as a labor of love for the humble ticket stub. Beyond that I’ve been collecting tickets since the early 80’s, a time well before hobbyists could conceive of an end to paper tickets.

Life circumstances have recently provided an opportunity which will require 100% of my time. 

As for, I can continue the site on a limited basis. Aside from news posts and the Curator’s Corner section, the site is self-contained, and the daily fulfilling of orders is quick and relatively painless. Adding new inventory is also painless, however does require time with tagging, links, scanning artwork, etc. 

Here’s where this is headed: if there is someone in the ticket stub collecting hobby who is looking for a turnkey business with phenomenal SEO and built-in cross selling on Ebay (and if desired Amazon, Walmart and Google), please contact me here with your ideas.

Over 12 years without a similar product on the market, the site has garnered 1000’s of organic backlinks and solid reliability scores from Google, given the narrowness of a vertical like our beloved hobby.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


P.S. I’ve been exploring NFT opportunities for the site. There are a ton of opportunities, I just wish I had 48 hours in a day.