According to Richard “Currently the offers sit at $22k USD for just the debut. But I’m feeling more and more like selling all the stubs as a lot.”
He went on, “Currently, Heritage Auctions and possibly Lelands are helping me to figure out if we can do something about the entire Gretzky collection as a whole. I really don’t want to consign, I would much rather deal privately to be honest. But their insight/expertise may prove useful regardless of the route I ultimately choose.”
“Not to mention the other items I’m selling i.e. Vintage comics, non-sports cards, action figures, posters, autographs, photos, art, jerseys, coins, stamps, and just about anything else you could think of.
My phone is blowing up, as are my emails and text messages.
Some of the Gretzky stuff is listed here, it’s just a basic cut and paste job from an earlier message to my financial advisor.
Debut ticket stub (raw) ’79
Final game stub (psa graded) ’99
Hall of fame induction stub (raw) ’99
Corresponding (1st ever) induction game (raw) ’99
Random early 80’s ticket stubs, 4 point night, Messier’s 100th goal from the Oilers dynasty days etc. etc.
I’ll have to go through some more stuff to get all my dates, points, and general significance
Sticks, pucks, gloves etc.
Local Brantford newspapers (whole) from his retirement (with pull-out features)
Multiple autographs from Wayne and his father Walter
And hundreds of Gretzky cards mostly common, but some numbered, inserts, vintage, etc.
Commemorative coins with COA’s
Books, magazines, pogs, Coca-Cola items, McDonalds items, Tim Hortons items, McFarlane figures, autographed (limited) Post cereal Alphabets box with COA (framed). I remember ashtrays, kitchenware, clothing, food items, and other household items to name a few.”

UPDATED: Gretzky Gold…and How it Could be Your’s

UPDATE: I spoke with Richard, the seller of the Gretzky debut ticket on Tuesday (Nov 9). He has found another stash of similar era hockey tickets, and has decided to do one big blow out lot. The original Kijiji link has been removed as of this morning.

I’ve asked for the complete list and will update here when I have the information. He did mention a ticket from Mark Messier’s 100th goal, but that’s all I know now.

The 2 highest offers for just the Gretzky debut ticket were $14K and $15 K (USD).

Aside from the chase for this ticket, I learned a rather antagonizing fact about the provenance of the ticket. His grandfather, grandmother and his grand uncle attended the game and kept the tickets individually. One was doused in a spilled tea incident. The other, the grandmother’s, was kept in a pencil cup on her desk. Richard over the years asked her to better preserve the ticket but she refused. For whatever reason, she wanted that ticket in her pencil cup. I believe she passed on before the grandfather, and the grandfather gifted it to Richard. The third ticket stub? Just plain missing. It’s been years and no one knows where it went. Just amazing.

Onto the original post:

Yesterday a Gretzky collector shared with me his prized possession: A Gretzky NHL Debut ticket stub of the season ticket variety.

UPDATED: Gretzky Gold...and How it Could be Your's

He was a collector as a kid growing up in Brantford Ontario and his grandfather noticed his affinity for ticket stubs and gave it to him.

As you can imagine he’s torn over selling, but he does have it listed on Kijiji.ca. He’s had several offers but $4K is the highest so far. That’s a far cry from the $11,400 a similar ticket, graded PSA 9, fetched at auction one year ago. 

Think You got what it takes? Here’s the link.