I now own .00046404% of this 2000 Tom Brady Debut Ticket

Last week I took the plunge, or at least $50 worth, into fractional ticket collecting. How did I finally come around? I was recently interviewed for a story by Senior Editor David Seideman at Collectable.com and needed to know more about the platform before chatting.

Collectible is a fractional memorabilia ownership app, designed as a stock market for partial ownership: game worn items, cards, and increasingly, ticket stubs. The app performs as a trading platform, offering early access to their new offerings (IPO’s), real time updating of your portfolio, and real time trading.  Onboarding was straightforward and went impressively quickly.

So as my foray into fractional ownership I decided on investing in a ticket I could never possibly own outright: Tom Brady’s NFL debut ticket. I invested $50 in 10 shares leaving me a tiny stake. Each trade requires a quick docusign effort, which worked seamlessly on my older iPhone. The entire process is reassuring in my view. So much so that I’ve since invested in a few other untouchable items.

Of course any new trading platform will not please everyone. I didn’t see any glaring issues, but the below review is a balanced look at the app from the viewpoint of a traditional investor, rather than a through the lens sports memorabilia freak like me.

Fin Tek’s Collectable App Review on YouTube


I now own .00046404% of this 2000 Tom Brady Debut Ticket

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